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Marco Rispo chef of the Le Trabe restaurant and his vision of Mediterranean cuisine

chef Marco Rispo

chef Marco Rispo, Le Trabe Restaurant – Capaccio Paestum

The gastronomic odyssey of Marco Rispo, a talented chef originally from Naples finally chose to return to his Campania, to be precise to Capaccio, at the Le Trabe restaurant by the brothers Antonio and Raffaele Chiacchiaro. Between the first and the present a poem written with great names: Ernesto Iaccarino of Don Alfonso, Fernando Arellano from Zaranda in Madrid, Lino Scarallo at Palazzo Petrucci and Marco Sacco at Piccolo Lago, where he was sous-chef. Seven Michelin stars for twenty years of study, before assuming responsibility for an already starred kitchen.
In the immense sea of food, Rispo continues to follow the guiding principle of simplicity without giving up the fun, in an area suited as a few. Around it lies the Capodifiume estate, a naturalistic oasis that inspires a dedicated tasting, while vegetables (also transformed into preserves), oil and eggs come from other restaurant properties. And after the hall opened this year on the river, further news are announced during the winter closure. “We want to focus the attention on the Mediterranean and its protection. Because we believe in what we do. For example we only use fresh local fish, otherwise we change the recipe. I go personally to pick it up every day at 5 am from the boats of San Marco Castellabate”.

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