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Sorrento, O’ Canonico 1898: 120 years of history

One hundred and twenty years of kitchen history, a sitting room open on the centre of Sorrento, over 2300 wine labels, fresh local products and always sought after, and the special home-made rosoli that boast over one hundred different types. That is the restaurant ‘O Canonico 1898’, one of Italy’s historic premises, since the late nineteenth century a landmark for tourists and lovers of good food of the Sorrento Peninsula. The management of the restaurant has always been the “extended” family Terminiello, which daily takes care of every detail, from the choice of products to the menu, from the dishes of the day to the right combinations. The location is definitely a point of strength: the central Piazza Tasso is the pulsating heart of Sorrento, where thousands of tourists meet every day for the classic walk downtown. With the proximity of the port, the menu can only be purely fish, with some leading dishes, a menu that respects the seasonality of the products and a lot of choices. The dishes of the day vary depending on what the market offers: every day, therefore, in the kitchen there is something new, a different recipe to offer to the customers. The culinary offer, therefore, is very variable. But the point of strength of the restaurant is the wide selection of wines, with a list that boasts over 2300 labels “and many others out of list” ensures Antonino Terminiello, one of the managers of the structure. A lot of attention goes to pastry, with many desserts à la carte, respect for tradition, a lot of imagination in the kitchen and always the sweet of the day. The family tradition is also respected in the offer of rosolio, inevitable closure of every meal at the restaurant ‘O Canonico 1898: “At home – says Antonino – we produce over 100 types of rosolio, all with different recipes. We start from the classic nocillo, to liqueurs prepared with selected herbs, with lemons, orange, mandarin, which every year we try to enrich with new recipes”. To take care of this aspect is Guglielmo Terminiello, who has created more than a hundred varieties dividing them into different sections: citrus, herbs, fresh fruits and forest fruits. He cures them one by one. He personally collects medicinal herbs around Sorrento, in the hilly area; he measures, sips, corrects the aroma if necessary, until he gets the flavor that he had in mind.

Ristorante ‘O Canonico 1898

Piazza Tasso, 7 – 80067 Sorrento (NA)

Tel. (+39) 081 878 3277



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