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Plastic free Pastabar and Mediterranean cuisine with chef Alfonso Porpora

chef Alfonso Porpora

Med Cooking 2019 – chef Alfonso Porpora del Pastabar Leonessa

Alfonso Porpora, a Gragnanese DOC who could have linked his name to the original concept of the PastaBar Leonessa, a sort of Italian food-quality fast food, could only be born in the city of pasta. The curriculum, however, boasts the trappings of fine dining: after the hotel business in Vico Equense, there were the St. Hubertus by Norbert Niederkofler, the San Pietro di Positano, the Quattro Passi restaurant in Nerano, the other Vissani in Todi and the Bosquet terrace of Sorrento, among others. Indispensable for taking the step back to a popular format with ease, where rigor and taste are not lacking. The offer ranges from self-service with takeaway and shop to the PastaBar for a quick first course, with a spectacular open kitchen, up to the actual restaurant.

“We call it a petals structure, but wherever we sit the philosophy is the same: seasonal raw materials, Italian traditions, domestic matrices, as some guests eat with us every day. The dishes must be not good, but healthy, balanced, light. The novelty is that we have opened a PastaBar at the CIS shopping center and it is a model that we intend to replicate elsewhere. It only needs pasta and coffee, with a very low environmental impact because it is plastic free.

We like Med Cooking because it is a young and modern event, which turns the spotlight on what surrounds the restaurant, expanding the horizon to the raw material and food culture. Beyond the author’s kitchen, close to the customer’s point of view ”

Alessandra Meldolesi

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