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Opening soon in Dubai, Miami and New York with the chef Antonio Mellino.

Luisa Del Sorbo.

A lot of sea routes for Superyacht guetsts include food, especially by valued restaurant and prestigious chef who make a place unique. Let us take as the best example “Quattro Passi” restaurant in Nerano also managed by the chef Antonio Mellino. The restaurant shows off 2 Michelin Stars and it is buildt in the striking area of “Baia di Nerano” which is situated at the border between Sorrento and Positano. “Quattro Passi” is the most appreciated and favourite restaurant by shipowners and seamen are sailing around the Italian coasts for decades; It let you eat outdoors bounded by pristine nature of the Mediterraneo Coast. The masterchef is Antonio Mellino, who always make international charter broker hopeful, succeed in taking part in world-famous events.

Lets talk now to Antonio Mellino, who tells about business news and curiosity in this late summer.

Ristorante Quattro PassiHow came the idea for calling it “Quattro Passi” ?

– The “Quattro Passi” idea came out from good position it has got. We thought about people took “Four Steps” reaching everywhere. As an example people take “four steps” reaching Nerano city center and the beautiful seaside “Baia di Marina del Cantone”.

What are shipowner and yachting clients eating and drinking tastes?

– Everybody searching for local products and vegetables grown by ourself. Especially for yachting clients who feeling closer to the seaside like tasting vegetables and fish based dishes. They love our famous pasta dishes: “Linguine alla Nerano con zucchine e fiorilli – Nerano linguine with courgettes and fiorilli”, “Spaghetti al pomodoro fresco, basilico e pomodorini pachino – Spaghetti with fresh tomato, basil and pachino tomatoes”, “Tubettoni ai frutti di mare – Tubettoni with seafood” as well as the well known “Pasta e patate con le cozze – Pasta with mussels and potatoes”.

What VIP got into your good graces?

– A lot of VIP come to “QuattroPassi”, i should like to refer to ” Beyoncè and JayZ, Mariah Carey, Lawrence Stroll, Ron Dennis, Dottor Galassi, Mr Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan”.

Is “Quattro Passi” restaurant worldwide?

– Yes, it is two years about we opened in London and now we are moving to Dubai, Miami and New York.

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