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PastaTour: stop at the Pastificio Artigianale Leonessa and at the PastaBar Leonessa

Along with pizza, Pasta is the typical product of Campania, in particular of Naples. Going on a PastaTour is the best way to understand the production, the “white art” typical Neapolitan explains how to prepare and enjoy a good pasta dish. It starts from the Pastificio Artigianale Leonessa, a well-established reality and a point of reference in the panorama of artisan pasta production. The Neapolitan pasta factory is based in Cercola where you can attend all stages of pasta production: from the choice of durum wheat flour, the dough with water, the drawing (strictly bronze) and drying, which happens slowly. Afterwards, the PastaTour continues in nearby Nola, where the Leonessa PastaBar has been created by the Brothers Oscar, Luigi and Diego with the support of the father Antonio in 2015. Different types of service mix in a balanced way, in a single environment that houses self-service and take away, corner PastaBar where you can taste a quick first course followed by coffee, and the elegant setting of the restaurant with adjoining kitchens. The architectural style, created exclusively for the Leonessa brothers, accompanies the different settings, creating privacy and opening of the rooms, playing with the furnishings, colorful and never boisterous. At the stove, today there is chef Alfonso Porpora, who is ready to prepare the best first courses – and not only – for even the most demanding visitors.


Pastificio Artigianale Leonessa

Via Don Minzoni, 231 – 80040

Cercola (NA)

Ph. (+39) 081 555 1107




PastaBar Leonessa

Via Interporto Campano, Lotto C – 80035

Nola (NA)

Ph. (+39) 081 826 9357



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