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Daily recipe: Pasta with fava beans and red shrimps, “colours, substance and flavours”

440_g_maggio-2016-pasta-mista-fave-gamberiThe Michelin-starred chef Agostino Iacobucci from the restaurant “I Portici” in Bologna shows his recipe : “Pasta with fava beans and red shrimps”.


320gr mix of Pasta Leonessa

250gr fresh fava beans

2 onions

20gr cheek lard

20gr Parmesan crust

n°16 fresh shrimps

1lt vegetable stock

1 carrot

n° 10 tomatoes

Milk mousse and celery.


Clean and devine the shrimps and cut them in half. For any portion: place 4 shrimps between 2 wrap and spread them over. Place the shrimps into a domed shaped mould and take bake the first wrap. Take a pan with oil and brown shrimps head, the carapace, carrot, celery and onion, then add tomatoes (cut in half) and 1lt of cold water. Leave it for about 2 hours. Take another pan and brown the cheek lard with oil, onion, peeled fave beans, parmesan crust and half of vegetable stock. When it boils add the pasta and use the remaining vegetable stock for cooking. When the pasta is ready, place it into the moulds. Place the moulds on a plate and take care of removing the 2nd wrap. Use the milk mousse for garnish. The best wine pairing could be the “Lacrima Christi”, white wine with a taste of Mediterranean fruits and freshness.

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