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“Pizze e Birre d’autore”, evening at the pizzeria ‘O Sbarazzino

“Pizze e Birre d’autore” will be the protagonists of the evening scheduled for Thursday 7 November at the pizzeria ‘O Sbarazzino di Ercolano. A place that will turn two in a month and is led by the volcanic Ilaria Cozzolino, a very young Vesuvian restaurateur. “An idea born almost as a joke, during a chat between me and my father – tells Ilaria – we started only with the takeaway, but we immediately got a good response and now we aim to strengthen our gourmet offer, even with the kitchen”.

The evening is entirely dedicated to pizzas and signature beers and will be realized in collaboration with the master pizza chef Antonio De Martino and the Master Biersommelier Gilberto Acciaio of the Doemens Academy in Munich, which will lead guests to discover the right combinations. In the room, as always, the maitre Agostino Coppola, the Vesuvian referent of the I.M.A.H.R. Campania delegation. Four different pizzas will be served with as many beers selected and paired by Gilberto Acciaio to enhance the aromas and flavors. The menu also includes a taste of paccheri with corbarino tomato and dessert, which will be a beer semifreddo.

Quality products, enhancement of what the rich Vesuvian enogastronomic panorama offers and a new selection of excellence of the territory sought thanks to the collaboration with the Gma Specialty. All this is completing the already extensive offer proposed by the pizzeria ‘O Sbarazzino, together with European beers. “From the tomato of Piennolo L ‘Orto di Lucullo to the Lacryma Christi wine that represent the best that it offers of Vesuvius, passing then to the corbarino tomato of I Sapori di Corbara and to the flower of milk Nobile di Agerola, up to sd arrive to excellent beers like the Titanum: they are products – explains Ilaria Cozzolino – that never fail in pizzerias and in our kitchen. Everything is enhanced by a competent and always up-to-date staff, who can understand our idea and bring it back to everyday practice ” .
The appointment, therefore, is for Thursday 7 November starting at 20:30.

Pizzeria ‘O Sbarazzino
Via San Vito, 49 Ercolano (NA)
Ph: 081 777 5021

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