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Mediterranean Sea: Fishing and Biodiversity, geographical sub-areas

To monitor the fishing activities and to evaluate the Mediterranean biological data – one of the 60 major marine ecosystems on the planet – a subdivision into 30 geographical sub-areas (GSAs) has been created. This division was established by the General Commission for Fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea on the advice of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

These 30 areas, whose geographical distribution is a constantly evolving process, subject to periodic improvements, differ widely in size and characteristics.

The GSAs that directly affect Italy are seven, each with its own biological, environmental and fisheries characteristics:

GSA 9 – Ligurian Sea and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea

GSA 10 – Central-Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

GSA 11 – Seas of Sardinia

GSA 16 – Southern coasts of Sicily

GSA 17 – Northern Adriatic

GSA 18 – Southern Adriatic

GSA 19 – Western Ionian Sea

For each area a detailed information is provided about the ecological framework and the geographical and environmental aspects, in addition to the type of fishing and in some cases the fishing characteristics.

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